Britany Maynard: The Vultures are circling

By Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

I wasn’t going to write about the Brittany Maynard assisted suicide frenzy. Maynard is apparently dying of brain cancer at age 29, and has decided to mount a pro-assisted suicide campaign, announcing she will kill herself on November 1.

I wasn’t going to write about Maynard because I am not critical of her. No one knows what our limits might be. But more importantly, she is a living, very ill woman. No way I am going to do anything to add to her burden.

But then, I started getting many media calls to comment: 
Three minutes on TV talking her planned suicide, and next up, “Kim Kardashian shocks again!” No way.

And so I changed my mind. I felt the need to unleash–not at her–but at those who are exploiting her tragedy for their own purposes.

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