False appeal to double effect as Syme runs the gauntlet against assisted suicide laws

By Paul Russell, the Director of HOPE Australia.

Paul Russell

Paul Russell

Welcome news today from Victoria that police have finally interviewed Dr Rodney Syme over the Nembutal death of Steve Guest nine years ago.

As The Age report reminds us, Syme admitted publicly in April this year that he had ‘given Steve Guest Nembutal in 2005 while he was dying from oesophageal cancer.’

At the World Federation of Right To Die Societies (WFRTDS) conference in Chicago last month, Australia’s other ‘Dr Death’, Rodney Syme gave a talk entitled ‘Challenging the legal system and getting away with it’. While Syme has recently and quite desperately attempted to distance the pro-euthanasia movement from the media furore over the actions of Philip Nitschke and Exit, he nevertheless also occasionally sails ‘close to the wind’ in terms of the law as the title of his talk suggests. Is it possible that, in the wake of the furore over Nitschke and Exit International and by goading the police by the title of his talk, that he may not now ‘get away with it’?

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