David Mixner claims to have killed eight people

By Alex Schadenberg - Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

David Mixner, during his recent Oh Hell No! one-man autobiographical stage show, described how he killed eight people. Mixner stated:

A doctor would leave a morphine drip at the patient’s property for him. Mixner would insert it via an IV and hold his friend until the drip was completed. He would call that person’s friends and loved ones and tell them they should come and say goodbye. Before they arrived, he would remove the evidence, and when they did arrive he would leave and let the patient and their loved ones be alone to share those final moments. The effects of the morphine “could take four hours, it could take 12 hours.”

If Mixner is telling the truth, Mixner has killed eight people not by assisted suicide, but rather he has killed eight people by euthanasia.

Euthanasia as an act whereby one person kills another person. Euthanasia is a form of homicide. Assisted suicide is an act whereby one person assists another person in suicide.

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