Pro-euthanasia attack from all fronts

By Vivre dans la Dignite

The pro-euthanasia activists pulled out all the stops today in an undisguised bid to influence the Supreme Court judges as they prepare to hear the Carter case next week.

First of all they present another survey, said to have found that a majority of Canadians wants doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients. It’s not the first time this claim has been made. Without going into the questionable technique of using a members-only survey site that gives rewards for answering their surveys, the questions are slanted toward pro-euthanasia answers and are based on the unproven assumption that safeguards to prevent abuse exist. On the contrary, the evidence that safeguards do not protect vulnerable persons from abuse, in countries where euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal, is constantly growing.

The longer legislation is in place, the more abuse of the law happens. We prepared an infographic that shows some of the known cases of abuse as of December 2013. Since that time, Belgium agreed to grant euthanasia to a prisoner who preferred to die than to serve his life sentence, the Netherlands released a report stating that 42 people who had mental illnesses and were non-terminally ill were euthanized, and an elderly couple announced they were going to use assisted suicide to die together because they feared loneliness if the other one died first.

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