Should Colorado permit assisted suicide? No

By Krista Kafer

The following article was published in the Denver Post on November 21, 2014

Krista Kafer

Krista Kafer

In the wake of the Brittany Maynard's highly publicized suicide earlier this month in Oregon, state Rep. Joann Ginal, D-Fort Collins, is drafting legislation to make Colorado the sixth state to permit physician- assisted suicide. Passage of this bill would be a tragic mistake.

Not every slope is slippery, but this one is. What began as a legal framework for doctor-assisted suicide for consenting terminally ill patients in the Netherlands and Belgium has ended in a far darker place. In addition to the thousands of terminally ill patients who choose to end their lives in this way each year, disabled newborns, sick children, comatose patients, and those with dementia are killed without their consent. Legal safeguards are often ignored. For these reasons, advocates for the disabled continue to fight the spread of such laws, including the one proposed here in Colorado.

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