Demographics of the Pro-Death Lobby

Published by True Dignity Vermont on November 24, 2014

Bloggers from True Dignity attended the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide on Saturday in Hartford, CT. Thank you to Peter and Leslie Wolfgang from Connecticut Family Foundation for organizing a successful event. We will be blogging periodically about some new interesting perspectives on assisted suicide gained from the convention.

A few of the speakers have been directly engaged with the pro-assisted suicide / euthanasia lobby over the years, which led to a very interesting chain of comments and discussion about what was encountered within the assisted suicide lobby. Learning the demographics of this group was incredibly interesting.

Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition spoke about attending the annual conference for the pro-assisted suicide / pro-euthanasia lobby. He expected to meet a room full of people that looked much like our lobby in opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia, with the opposite opinion on the issue. We know our lobby looks like America, consisting of different ethnic groups, people from all walks of life, both elderly and young, representatives from disability groups and the medical community.

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