Dutch euthanasia law needs reform. Euthanasia is granted to people who have years to live

By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

An article published in the NL Times on November 7, reports that Theo Boer, an ethicist and former 9 year member of a Regional Euthanasia Review Committee in the Netherlands is stating that doctors, politicians and the review committees need to re-evaluate the euthanasia law.

The NL Times articles begins by stating that Boer believes that:

Euthanasia Doctors sometimes give in too quickly to the claims of patients that they are suffering unbearably. It can therefore not be ruled out that in the Netherlands euthanasia is granted to people who still had years to live.

The article explains that Boer (54), who recently left the Regional Euthanasia Review Committee in Septemberafter working there for more than nine years, has evaluated more than 4 thousand cases of euthanasia. Based on that experience Boer concludes that doctors, politicians and review committees should seriously consider re-evaluating the euthanasia law.

Link to full article.