Of course assisted suicide is not for the dying

By Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

If more journalists would read this blog, they wouldn't be surprised by these things. 

The New Scientist reports that Swiss assisted suicide isn't about terminal illness! Whaddy know? From the story:

    It’s a tourism boom, but not one to crow about. The number of people travelling to Switzerland to end their lives is growing. And it seems more and more people with a non-fatal disease are making the trip. 

    An ongoing study of assisted suicide in the Zurich area has found that the number of foreign people coming to the country for the purpose is rising. For example, 123 people came in 2008 and 172 in 2012. In total 611 people came over that period from 31 countries, with most coming from Germany or the UK, with 44 per cent and 21 per cent of the total respectively.

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