Australia's Dr Death still Mr Death after medical suspension appeal lost.

Paul Russell debating Philip Nitschke

By Paul Russell, Director of HOPE Australia.

Australian Medical Board Tribunal dismisses Nitschke’s appeal

In a media release today from Exit International, suspended doctor, Philip Nitschke, often dubbed ‘Dr Death’, notes that the Northern Territory Health Professional Review Tribunal has rejected his appeal against the suspension of his medical practice certificate by the South Australian Medical Board.

Nitschke was suspended from medical practice in July 2014 after an ABC Western Australia TV interview regarding the death of Perth man, Nigel Brayley drew the ire of suicide prevention organisations. The medical board said it was necessary to suspend Nitschke immediately over the need to ‘protect public health or safety’. Nitschke appealed the suspension on a number of grounds; most notably that he had no professional relationship and therefore no duty of care as a doctor towards Nigel Brayley’s welfare in regards to his decision to commit suicide.

The tribunal appeal hearings, originally to be heard in Adelaide, South Australia, were eventually heard in Darwin, Northern Territory over three days in November after Nitschke successfully argued that the place of his medical registration was the appropriate place for the hearings.

Nitschke says in his press statement that he intends to appeal the suspension decision to the NT Supreme Court claiming that the Tribunal made ‘clear errors in law’.

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