California Governor vetoes right to try and live bill, but signed assisted suicide bill

This article was published by National Review online on September 12, 2015

Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

By Wesley Smith

This makes zero sense. Last week, Jerry Brown signed assisted suicide into law in California

This week, Brown vetoed a bill that would have allowed dying patients to access experimental drugs in an attempt to live. From the Sacramento Bee story

Less than a week after signing legislation allowing California doctors to prescribe their dying patients lethal drugs, 
Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday vetoed a bill that would have let terminally ill people petition pharmaceutical companies for access to experimental drugs before they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 
The so-called “right-to-try” legislation had gained support in more than a dozen states, and it sailed through the Legislature with nearly unanimous support. 

We see the same death-over-life pattern in Oregon, which rations Medicaid so as to prevent some terminal cancer patients access to life-extending chemotherapy, but never rations assisted suicide. 

Good grief: A “right to die,” but no “right to try and live.”