Winnipeg doctors speak out against assisted dying

Mark Kristjanson

Mark Kristjanson

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Winnipeg Manitoba doctors Mark Kristjanson and Larry Rados will not participate or refer for euthanasia or assisted suicide. According to CBC News:

Kristjanson has 30 years experience in family medicine, palliative care, working with the disabled and oncology.

Kristjanson believes the number of doctors who are promoting assisted suicide across the country are in the minority. He believes those doctors want to see all physicians obliged to at least refer a patient for assisted suicide if they don't want to participate. 
But that is something neither Kristjanson or Dr. Larry Rados are prepared to do.
Rados is an acute care doctor with more than 25 years experience. He says assisted suicide is clearly at odds with his conscience and the Hippocratic Oath to not cause harm. And if a patient requests it, he says he won't refer that patient to another doctor. 
"I will take the view that a referral to another doctor would be equivalent to a recommendation for the procedure. Why would I make a referral for assisted suicide if I don't think it is in the patient's best interest?" 

Rados says some people seem to take the view that a doctor should be a glorified waiter in a restaurant who should take a patient's order, no matter what they ask.

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