Assisted Suicide is discriminatory, a violation of Americans with Disabilities Act

The Colorado assisted suicide bill was defeated in the Colorado Public Health and Human Services Committee on February 7 by a bipartisan 8 - 5 vote. The Colorado Independent published this article by the disability rights group Not Dead Yet: Assisted Suicide is discrimination, a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. on February 6.

Not Dead Yet:

Legalized assisted suicide sets up a double standard: some people get suicide prevention while others get suicide assistance, and the difference between the two groups is the health status of the individual. This is blatant discrimination and a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Disability is at the heart of the assisted suicide debate. Some people fear disability as a fate worse than death. Proponents of legalized assisted suicide are willing to treat lives ended through assisted suicide coercion and abuse as “acceptable losses” when balanced against their unwillingness to accept disability or responsibility for their own suicide.

Although intractable pain has been emphasized as the primary reason for enacting assisted suicide laws, the top five reasons Oregon doctors actually report for issuing lethal prescriptions are the “loss of autonomy” (89.9%), “less able to engage in activities” (87.4%), “loss of dignity” (83.8%), “loss of control of bodily functions” (58.7%) and “feelings of being a burden” (38.3%).(Death With Dignity Act Annual Reports, PDF download) These are disability issues.

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