Paul Russell: A statement we should all fear

By Paul Russell, the director of HOPE Australia and Vice Chair - EPC International

The article was published on the HOPE Australia website on March 4, 2015.

Paul Russell

Paul Russell

The theory and the practice of euthanasia simply don’t match and the rhetoric and reality are miles apart.

Dutch activist Dr Rob Jonquiere, head of the world body pressing for euthanasia, is in New Zealand peddling euthanasia up and down the country.

He has said some outrageous things, some of which I tackle below. But the most outrageous statement, one that we should all fear, he gave recently to the New Zealand media:

"Sometimes the only way to terminate the suffering is to take away the life."

‘What’s so outrageous about that?’ you may ask. Well, perhaps those who are used to hearing pro-euthanasia peddlers talking about people dying in pain might not notice immediately. But Jonquiere is not talking about pain, he’s talking about suffering. There’s a significant difference; one that should ring alarm bells.

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