New legal challenge in UK for ‘clarifying’ guidelines on prosecutions for assisted suicide

By Peter Saunders - From the Care Not Killing Alliance in the UK.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Sunday Times has been the only broadsheet newspaper to cover a landmark case which challenges the powers of the crown prosecution service.

Alison Saunders

Alison Saunders

The CPS head Alison Saunders, Director of public prosecutions (DPP), is already in considerable hot water over her failure to prosecute Lord Janner for alleged sex abuse, an action she justified on grounds of him not being capable of standing trial because of dementia. This new development may add considerably to those difficulties. 

Sadly this latest case lies behind the Sunday Times paywall which has somewhat restricted it coming to the wider public attention that it deserves, so I will quote some of the article in this post. 

‘A woman who was once so paralysed she could only wink her right eye will this week launch a High Court challenge against “liberal” guidelines on assisted suicide brought in by Alison Saunders, the embattled director of public prosecutions (DPP).

Nikki Kenward, 62, will on Tuesday seek a judicial review after doctors and nurses who help severely disabled or terminally ill people to take their own lives were told that they are now less likely to face criminal charges.’

Kenward, a former theatre manager, was struck down by Guillian-Barre syndrome in 1990, aged 37. 

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