British House of Commons to debate assisted suicide bill

By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Alex Schadenberg

Alex Schadenberg

The British House of Lords has debated many assisted suicide bills over the past few years. In fact the House of Lords debated the Falconer assisted suicide bill in the past year, a bill that died on the order paper before the election. The House of Commons has not debated an assisted suicide bill in 20 years.

Yesterday backbencher British Labour MP, Rob Marris, was chosen first in the Private Members bill ballot giving Marris the right to introduce Falconer's assisted suicide bill in the House of Commons.

According to the BBC, the Marris assisted suicide bill is scheduled for its first hour of debate on September 11. 

Prime Minister David Cameron, who has a majority government, opposes assisted suicide. The Express and Star reported that Cameron told his weekly Prime Minister's Question Time that: 

“I don’t support the assisted dying proposals. I don’t support euthanasia.” 
...problems with the existing law can be ‘dealt with sensitively’ without ‘bringing in euthanasia’.

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