New Zealand euthanasia leader makes false and misleading statement

By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The leader of the New Zealand euthanasia lobby told the Dominion Post, that if euthanasia were legalized:

"no more would die, but fewer would suffer ... there is absolutely no evidence to support this in the experience of European countries and American states."

In one sense Jack Havill, the leader of the Euthanasia Society of New Zealand is right, we are all going to die, therefore - no more would die. 

By examining his statement based on its meaning the quote is false and misleading. 

In Belgium, the Netherlands, Oregon and Washington state, the number of assisted deaths has significantly increased and have been accompanied by a growth in reasons why lethal doses are injected. To avoid the accusation of fear mongering, I will simply provide the data.

The Netherlands 2013 euthanasia statistics state that there were 4829 reported euthanasia deaths representing an increase of 15% over 2012 and more than double the number of deaths since 2008 when there were 2331 reported euthanasia deaths.

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