Assisted suicide, "some people's lives will be ended without consent, through mistakes and abuse."

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Liz Carr

Liz Carr

Liz Carr is an actress and disability campaigner in the UK. Carr is a spokesperson for Not Dead Yet UK

ITV news published an article on August 14 by Liz Carr.

Carr explains that she is not religious and she is not "anti-choice," but she works with Not Dead Yet to oppose the legalization of assisted suicide. She explains:

We believe that if the Assisted Dying Bill passes, that some people’s lives will be ended without their consent, through mistakes and abuse. 
No safeguards have ever been enacted or proposed that can prevent this outcome – which can never be undone. The only guaranteed safeguard is to not legalise assisted suicide. 
And we’re not alone in thinking this.

She explains that no organisations of disabled people support assisted suicide and most doctors oppose it. This is important to her.

As someone who has spent a lot of her life needing extensive health care, I am relieved to hear this. I wouldn’t be alive without the NHS but I recognise that it is currently understaffed and under resourced. Against a backdrop of longer shifts, difficulty in obtaining appointments and the rationing of certain treatments, should we really be pushing further pressures onto our reluctant doctors?

Carr continues by explaining that the assisted suicide bill that will be debated in the British parliament is based on the Oregon assisted suicide law. She says:

We’re told there’s been no problems with this law but that is to ignore the experiences of Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup. Both Oregonians with terminal cancer, their life extending drugs were denied to them based on cost. Instead, they were offered a range of choices, including cheaper drugs to enable them to end their life. 

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