John Kelly to California Governor Brown - Veto the assisted suicide bill

This message was originally published by Not Dead Yet.

Veto! Veto! Veto!

John Kelly

John Kelly

By now, most of you know that assisted suicide proponents ramrodded a bill through the California special session convened to work on the state’s Medicaid budget, after the bill was killed in the regular session. Too many legislators chose to ignore the documented record of abuses under the virtually identical Oregon and Washington laws. 

 John Kelly has put together the information on what you can do to stop this dangerous bill before it’s too late. And if you’re in need of inspiration and hope, look at what the disability community did to help defeat assisted suicide by a vote of 330 to 118 in the UK, in A Matter of Life and Death.

It’s time for Gov. Jerry Brown of California to veto assisted suicide bill AB2x 15, which passed the State Senate Friday, September 11. 

Governor Brown must veto a bill that tells old, ill, and disabled people that suicide is good for us. He must stop a bill that plays on our huge social inequalities to fully fund the only medical “choice” less well-to-do people and people of color never asked for. Suicide for certain people must never be declared a social benefit!

Now we have the chance to win an historic victory for social justice and disability rights.
So Many Ways We Can Help Stop Assisted Suicide

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