Kansas murder trial, defense claims it was assisted suicide (Day 3)

Alex Schadenberg

Alex Schadenberg

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Two days ago I wrote about the first day of the Heskett murder trial and yesterday I wrote about the second day of the trial in Eudora Kansas. The trial continues today.

The case concerns the death of Vance Moulton (65), who was living with cerebral palsy. Moulton was allegedly murdered by Ronald Eugene Heskett (49), who was his care-giver. Heskett has been charged with first-degree murder, but he claims that the death was an assisted suicide.

The third day of the murder trial focused on the second interview with the police where Heskett confessed to assisting the suicide of Moulton. The Lawrence Journal-World reported:

In Thursday’s video, which was recorded during a second police interview on Sept. 22, 2014, Lawrence Police Department detectives Mike Verbanic and Sam Harvey challenged Heskett’s original story. 
“We talked to the coroner. They had some doubts,” one of the detectives said. “This is not a typical case of suicide.” 
After the detectives mentioned the “doubts,” Heskett grew uncharacteristically quiet in the video. 
But after some time, Heskett eventually incriminates himself, first by saying he rolled up the towel for Moulton because Moulton couldn’t do it himself. Heskett alleged this happened after Moulton asked Heskett to shoot him or smother him with a pillow that morning. 
“I told him I’d roll up the towel and I’d just leave it there, but I wasn’t going to do it,” Heskett told detectives. “He told me to leave and go do some errands. I didn’t think that he’d do it.” 
Later, more of the story came out. After further questioning, Heskett told detectives that Moulton told him that if Heskett was really his friend, Heskett would kill him. 
“(Moulton) said he just wanted to see his mom and be able to walk again,” Heskett said. “He said he wanted to show her what it was like not being crippled.” 
Then, Heskett told detectives he notice a towel on Moulton’s pillow, “flipped it around,” then wrapped it around Moulton’s neck and twisted it tight, giving the ends to Moulton to hold. 

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