First euthanasia death in Québec

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

This is a very sad announcement. According to the media, Québec had its first euthanasia death in the the national capital region. Québec has defined euthanasia as a form of healthcare. 

The article by Simon Boivin that was published in LaPressereported (google translated):

"There was a request that was made and where end of life care was provided, have gone to the end," says Annie Ouellet, spokesperson CIUSSS Capitale-Nationale. "And there is a second application that is being evaluated." 
In the case of the patient to whom the protocol was applied in full, the assisted dying has not been given at home, but in an establishment of CIUSSS, added the spokesman.

...The person must be of age, able to consent to care, suffering from a serious and incurable illness and experiencing constant and unbearable physical and psychological suffering.

Only a doctor has the right to inject a lethal dose to a patient, after having obtained the independent opinion of a second doctor in meeting the conditions to be met.A doctor can refuse to offer assistance to die, but the institution that hiring should meet the demand of the patient."

EPC urges the doctors to treat patients with excellent pain and symptom management and not lethal injection.

On December 1, Québec Superior Court Justice Michel Pinsonneault correctly prevented the Québec euthanasia law from coming into effect until the federal government amended the Criminal Code provisions prohibiting euthanasia. On December 22, the Quebec Court of Appeal overturned the Pinsoneault decision.

Canada has a disturbing constitutional situation. The federal Criminal Code prohibits euthanasia and Québec is being allowed to ignore the law.