Canadian Doctors Abject Surrender to Euthanasia

This article was published by Wesley Smith on his blog on January 17, 2016.

Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

By Wesley Smith

The complete and abject acquiescence of the Canadian medical establishment to their Supreme Court’s order transforming doctors from healers into killers is both disheartening and astonishing. 

One of the most radical transformations in the role of the doctor in medical history is moving forward with such enthusiasm, that doctors appear to be on the verge of allowing patients to tell them when a diagnosable medical condition is “grievous” and “irremediable,”–meaning that even if re-mediating treatment is available and the patient doesn’t want it, they can be killed. 

And all doctors will have to be complicit–either by doing the deed or being a death doctor pimp by finding one who they know will. 

Look at what the head of Nova Scotia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons has to say about that.

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