Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Postcard Campaign

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) has launched a postcard campaign to Members of Parliament under the theme: I support Caring Not Killing.

The postcard campaign urges members of parliament to reject euthanasia and assisted suicide for people with dementia and minors, people with psychiatric conditions and to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals.

EPC is distributing three different bilingual postcards to be sent to Prime Minister Trudeau, or Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould or your Member of Parliament (MP).

Link to the list of members of parliament.

Order the postcards by contacting EPC at: 1-877-439-3348 or email: and tell us how many postcards you want and where we need to send them. EPC is distributing the postcards for free, but we ask you to consider making a donation to the cost of the campaign.

On the one side of the card, write your name, address, Postal Code and Signature. On the other side of the card and write the name of the political leader or your member of parliament.

It is free to mail the postcards to federal politicians.

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