Covenant Health in Alberta will not participate in euthanasia

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Last February, Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton stated clearly that Covenant Health will not participate in acts of euthanasia or assisted suicide.

A few days ago, CBC news reported that Alberta's Associate health minister stated that:

physicians and other health-care workers will not be forced to take part in this procedure if it goes against their beliefs. She said procedures are being set up to move patients, if necessary.

"We're working to set out a framework of protocols and processes to ensure that if a patient in a facility where medical assistance in dying is not available, that there will be a process in place for transfer of care likely through Alberta Health Services,"

Payne stated that this framework for transferring patients will be in place by June 6.

Covenant Health has proven that protecting Conscience rights requires a clear and united position by health care professionals and institutions. Thank you Covenant Health.