Euthanasia declaration fails at European parliament

By Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - International Chair

European Parliament

European Parliament

A declaration at the European Parliament that supported euthanasia failed to garner support.

The Declaration on the dignity at the end of life was signed by 95 MEP's in three months. The declaration that was sponsored by Elena Valenciano from Spain, required the support of 751 MEP's. 

The Declaration called on the European Commission and the Council to identify best practices across the European Union with regard to the provision of end-of-life health services and to facilitate the exchange of those practices between EU countries, which appears innocuous except that the declaration also supported euthanasia by stating that the right to life also constitutes a right to die.

French court decides to allow Vincent Lambert to receive food and water

Vincent Lambert

Vincent Lambert

By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

A French court decided, yesterday, that Vincent Lambert could continue to live. The court decision supported the position of Lambert's parents, was that Lambert would continue to receive food and water. Lambert's wife wanted feeding to cease which would cause him to die by dehydration.

On June 5, 2015; the European Court of Human Rights decided that Vincent Lambert, a cognitively disabled man, could have his food and water withdrawn causing his death by dehydration. Lambert's parent's appealed the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights.

Lambert has been living with a significant cognitive disability since his motorcyle accident in 2008.

According to the RFI news, the judges said:

Lambert's doctors were within their rights, based on their "professional and moral independence," to suspend an earlier court decision that would have seen them cut the intravenous food and water keeping him alive. 
...the decision to stop intravenous feeding can be undertaken "solely by the doctor in charge of care." The hospital may not oppose it. 
The judges also ruled that the previous medical decision could not be imposed on a new doctor. 
This judgement throws the burden of responsibility back on to the doctor, 

To intentionally withdraw fluids from a person who is not otherwise dying is a form of euthanasia by omission because the person directly and intentionally dies from dehydration and not from a medical condition.

Euthanasia is not a human right in Europe

The following article was published by Wesley Smith on his blog on July 17, 2015.

Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

By Wesley Smith

Two cases were brought to the European Court on Human Rights hoping for a Canada-style EU-wide imposition of euthanasia as a fundamental right. Case dismissed. From theTelegraph story:

The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a right-to-die case brought by a paralysed former builder and the widow of man who had locked-in syndrome. 
Paul Lamb and Jane Nicklinson, whose 58-year-old husband Tony died more than two years ago, brought the case at the court in Strasbourg – the culmination of their campaign that disabled people should have the right to be helped to die with dignity. 
But in a written judgment on Thursday, the court said: “In its decision in the case of Nicklinson and Lamb v. the United Kingdom the European Court of Human Rights has unanimously declared the applications inadmissible. The decision is final.” 
It comes after it emerged on Wednesday that two sisters are holding a party to raise £8,000 to pay for their mother to end her life in a Swiss clinic.

By the way, the, “Hey kids, let’s raise money for mom to kill herself!” party is off. 

I am very pleased by the decision. If this toxic death-dealing is to become legal, it should be through democratic processes. 

The Telegraph’s story about the case involved two people with serious disabilities. Despite that, the paper is running poll asking whether assisted suicide should be legalized for the “terminally ill.” So typical.

Court challenge: Belgian doctor kills depressed woman by euthanasia.

3 September 2014 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tom Mortier

Tom Mortier

ADF represents son asking European Court of Human Rights to take case against Belgium.

Strasbourg, France – Alliance Defending Freedom filed an application with the European Court of Human Rights Wednesday on behalf of Tom Mortier, who is challenging Belgium’s laws that allow euthanasia. Mortier’s mother was put to death by a doctor for “untreatable depression” even though she was not terminally ill. Mortier did not find out what had happened until he received a telephone call the day after her death.

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